The Committee meets about five times a year. 
All are welcome.  Please contact a committee member if you would like to attend.

Wine Walk

Each year the FHVS organises a ‘Wine Walk’ which takes place in several local gardens.  It is a social event but also a fundraiser, both for the FHVS but also for a selected charity. 


The annual WINE WALK is always an eagerly-awaited event in Far Headingley; even if the weather isn't all we hope for (and last year it was wonderful!)  a good time is had by one and all.  For those who aren't familiar with the event

Three welcoming local  gardens will offer wine, soft drinks, nibbles  and a gazebo to shelter from  the sun (or
rain!).   You simply stroll from one garden to another (in the order that suits you best), drinking a glass or two at each one.   It's a chance to meet old friends and make new ones,  bring the children, get  to know your neighbours  (comparing  their horticultural efforts with your own!) and generally enjoy yourself.

Scarecrow Festival

We hope to have another Scarecrow Festival this year.  This year's theme is The Things People Do.  The trail will be on Saturday 30 April and Sunday/ Monday 1st and 2nd May and the Festival will be on Monday 4th May.  Details of how to enter are inluded in the calendar of events.


Cottage Road cinema centenary celebration

On 29th July 2012 a Leeds Civic Trust blue plaque was unveiled by Kay Mellor, celebrated television drama writer and local
resident.  Later there was a centenary film show including a special Cottage Classic The Smallest Show on Earth (1957) starring Virginia McKenna, Margaret Rutherford and Peter Sellers.  During this show local poet Linda Marshall paid her tribute to the cinema, Havoc in Far Headingley.

A separate  page gives links to the cinema’s history and to the poem together with photographs from the day.


Wednesday 13 April 2016

Committee Meeting

8.00 pm - at 32 Moor Road

Saturday 30 April - Monday 2 May

Scarecrow Festival


Wednesday 22 June 2016

Committee Meeting

8.00 pm - at 23 Moor Road


Sunday 26 June 2016

Wine Walk (details to follow)


Thursday 29 September 2016

Committee Meeting

8.00 pm - at 34 Moor Road


Thursday 17 November 2016

AGM at the New Inn

Thursday 8 December 2016

Committee Meeting, with wine and cheese

7.30 pm - at 13 Burton Crescent


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